• Introducing . . . The Meridian Scenario-Based Growth Collaborative

    An exclusive members-only community dedicated to the successful implementation of a Scenario-Based, “Portfolio of Options” approach to strategic growth in mid-sized organizations.
  • Introducing . . . The Meridian Scenario-Based Growth Collaborative

    With The Meridian Collaborative, your organization will transition from flawed strategic planning approaches that rely heavily on extrapolating the past to the more valuable Scenario-Based approach which anticipates and prepares for a future that is too often unpredictable.
  • Introducing . . . The Meridian Scenario-Based Growth Collaborative

    With help from The Meridian Collaborative, create, prioritize, invest in, and track performance of a “Portfolio of Options” to propel your organization’s future.

Core Member Benefits


Guide to Scenario Analysis

Discover the history, evolution, and proven approaches to Scenario-Based Strategic Planning


Real-World Scenario Examples

Study examples of actual Scenarios created by organizations across a wide variety of industries


Identify and Address Strategic Risk

Learn how to identify strategic risk and discover the value of Scenarios in mitigating risk


Identify Early Bets and Predictive Indicators

Explore real-world examples of the successful use of “early bets” against alternative Scenarios along with the predictive indicators that help organizations thrive while competitors struggle to adapt


Create a Growth Options Portfolio

Resources for building a Growth Options Portfolio, and for choosing the highest priority Options for investment


One-on-One Guidance

Receive two hours of one-on-one guidance with a Meridian consultant on building and executing your organization’s Scenario-Based Strategic Growth Plan

Introductory One-Month Membership: $1450

Optional Add-On Benefits

  • Meridian Advisory Services

    Receive ongoing one-on-one guidance from a Meridian consultant on a specific project involving the use of Scenarios in building or executing your organization’s growth plans
  • Q&A Forum

    Allows members to pose questions and access answers from Meridian consultants and other Collaborative members who have confronted similar issues
  • Discount on Meridian Workshops

    Member pricing on client team workshops structured and facilitated by Meridian consultants
Optional Add-On Benefits: Contact Meridian for Pricing

Success Stories

Speaking Enagements

  • Four Approaches to Scenario-Based Growth Planning – Which One is Right for Your Organization?

    Online Webinar: Sponsored by the Association for Strategic Planning, June 2016

    Scenarios can help shake up the thinking of your leadership team. But they provide their most important value when they lead to otherwise unplanned ‘early bets’ on one or more new strategic growth options for your organization.
    “Great session. This is an opportunity for improvement at my company and your presentation helps me make the case to colleagues.”
    - VP, Risk Management, international insurance company
  • Scenario Planning to Manage Strategic Business and Regulatory Risk

    Medical Devices Summit West, San Jose, CA, June 2015

    Scenario-Based Planning is a method for improving an organization’s ability to anticipate, interpret, and successfully respond to change – long before that change has taken hold.

    “My company needs what you do. How soon can we talk?”
    - COO, division of a large privately-held healthcare company
  • A Conversation About Scenario Planning for Mid-Sized Organizations

    Online Webinar: Sponsored by the Association for Strategic Planning, May 2015

    An organization’s most important strategic risks are too often not what the leadership team thinks they are. External input that includes the tracking of predictive indicators is essential in defining, and assessing optimal actions against, this critical set of risks.
    "Appreciate the emphasis on external predictive indicators as drivers of a firm’s response to strategic risk. My company needs to do more of that and I can now explain to them why and how.”
    - Director of Corporate Development, engineering company serving the global steel industry
  • Scenario-Based Strategic Planning: The Required New Competency for Strategy Professionals

    Pre-Conference Workshop: Association for Strategic Planning Annual Conference, May 2014

    Strategic planning can no longer rely on extrapolating the past to plot an organization’s path to the future. Today’s most successful organizations use Scenario-Based Strategic Planning to embrace the challenge of creating and managing a Portfolio of Options on their future.
    “Excellent. Useful theory grounded in cases that clearly articulate the learning points. Very knowledgeable and responsive presenter.”
    - Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, electric utility company


“The Meridian Collaborative helps embed 'futures thinking and action' as an ongoing competitive advantage within organizations. Company leaders will find no better time than now to make the transition from ineffective, out-of-date strategic planning practices to a Scenario-Based, Early Bet approach to building their organization’s future.”
Full Biography of Diane M. Meister
Diane M. Meister leads Meridian Associates Inc., a Chicago-based growth consulting and advisory firm that reinvents how organizations anticipate, prepare for, and capitalize on shifting industry environments and the uncertainty of the future.

A sought-after expert on using Scenario-Based Strategic Planning to develop and execute “early bets” against potentially disruptive futures, Diane and her Meridian team have guided over 140 strategic growth initiatives for organizational leaders across more than 30 industry sectors.

With an Executive MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a prior career with two leading international advertising agencies, she brings expertise in strategic planning, marketing, market innovation, and new product development to all client engagements.

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  • A specially-curated set of information relevant to your organization about Scenario Planning and Strategic Risk Management, including process guides and case studies
  • Examples of: Strategic Risks, Scenarios, Early Bets, Predictive Indicators
  • Online Q&A: Answers to your most pressing questions about the use of scenarios as a strategic management tool and the identification and management of strategic risk



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